Edmonton International Track Club exists to ensure that all things required to pole vault are available for athletes in and around Edmonton. 

Our group trains out of the Butterdome on the U of A campus for the indoor season and Foote Field in the outdoor season.  

Our members range in age from Midget to Senior. Club track members are welcome and do not need to be members of EITC.


Senior Athletes

Junior Development

Spencer Allen 5.46m

Deryk Theodore 5.42m

Nathan Filipek 5.20m

Paige Ridout 4.25m

Meghan Lim 4.10m

Robyn Webster 4.01m

Kathryn van Ryswyk 4.00m

Rachel Hyink 4.00m

Sam Burton 5.00m

Lauren Ellis 3.80m

Adam Osborne 4.55m

Derek Parker 3.75

Haley Dunger 3.50m

Camille Parker 3.45m

Hana Stewart 3.15m





Tekoa Kornelsen 3.65m

Logan Richards 3.20m

Taliah Kornelsen 2.45m

Lindsay Lang 2.45m

Kendra Hudson 2.45m

Kate Paccagan 2.20m

Naomi Endale 2.20m

Hannah Lister 2.20m

Sierra L'Heureux 2.00m